Texas to California Auto Transport and Shipping

Texas Auto Transport's network of drivers service Texas to California on a weekly basis. We cover the entire state of Texas and offer some of the most competitive auto shipping rates in the business.


Whether you need a vehicle pickup today, tomorrow, next week, or next month we will have trucks there at awesome rates. It does not matter if it is winter or summer, complete the form to right of your screen for a free quote or call 561-923-0803 to find out when the next truck will be in your area.


Auto Hauler Truck Type

Open or Enclosed Carrier?


When deciding to ship your car open or enclosed is simply a personal choice. Though the open trucks/ carriers are widely used for shipping cars, clients that has a greater attachment to their car or more expensive vehicles are more likely to ship using the enclosed carriers. Yes it is relatively safe on the open carrier, but the enclosed carrier will protect the paint from road hazards such as lose objects on the road; rain, sun, oil leaks from other cars and wind damages and is also much higher in insurance liability. It is also fair to say most if not all the top athletes and super stars when moving uses the enclosed carriers to ship their vehicle (Yes red carpet service). You may not be an athlete or super star but you certainly deserves the red carpet service. https://a-zautotransport.com



State to State car Transport in California


When you are moving or relocating for work, School, home being it temporary or permanent; one of the most important question you may ask is "Should I ship my car?" or "Is it more economical to sell my car and get a new car than to ship the current car (which might be old) to my new location? Cost is the most important factor when shipping a car, if it does not worth it to you then there is simply no sense in shipping it. Be sure to know what the overall cost will be before you proceed with contracting a carrier for pickup. Also to ship car from Ny to Ca, the price still remains the main factor. For Enclosed shipping it will be around $1400 while open car carrier will be around $900. 

State to State car Transport in Texas to California Car Transport Rates

Texas to California auto shipping rates depend on several factors. The type of vehicle, type of shipping (enclosed or open), pickup/destination location and time frame all impact the rate for shipping your car. Auto transport rates also depend on the size of the vehicle, cost of fuel, seasonal demands, shipping schedule and other factors. Additional fees may be added for inoperable vehicles. We offer affordable terminal to terminal service or door to door service to just about every location in California from Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston and San Antonio several times a week. Below are some of the Texas to California auto transport services we have recently completed.

Texas to San Francisco Car Transport 

  • Dallas, TX to San Francisco, CA

  • Houston TX to San Francisco, CA

  • Austin TX to San Francisco, CA

  • Fort Worth TX to San Francisco, CA

  • San Antonio TX to San Francisco, CA

  • El Paso TX to San Francisco, CA

  • Arlington TX to San Francisco, CA


           Car shipping rates

When relocating a vehicle one of the main factor in the decision making as to which company to hire is the rate, what is the overall cost for shipping your vehicle with that company? Many auto transport companies shipping cars from California to Texas have different car shipping rates and also requires a $150 to $250 deposit before the vehicle is picked up. While we are not the cheapest company for shipping a vehicle from Texas to California, we do not charge a deposit. The shipping rates will also depends on the type of carrier used to ship your vehicle. When transporting your vehicle in an open carrier the rates are lower than when using an enclosed auto carrier. The average shipping cost from Texas to California is between $450 to $850 on a open carrier and $950 to $1100 on a enclosed carrier. The actual cost will also be depending on the pickup and delivery location as well as the type of vehicle you are transporting. Completing the quote form above will give you a more accurate rate for shipping your vehicle.    

 How much to ship a car from Texas to California? 

The average cost in shipping a car from Texas to California is $875

For a more accurate quote for shipping your vehicle, complete the quote form above and include the type of vehicle year and model.   

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Texas to Los Angeles Car Transport

  • Dallas TX to Los Angeles, CA

  • Houston TX to Los Angeles, CA

  • Austin TX to Los Angeles, CA

  • Fort Worth TX to Los Angeles, CA

  • San Antonio TX to Los Angeles, CA

  • El Paso TX to Los Angeles, CA

  • Arlington TX to Los Angeles, CA

Texas to San Jose Car Transport

  • Dallas TX to San Jose, CA

  • Houston TX to San Jose, CA

  • Austin TX to San Jose, CA

  • Fort Worth TX to San Jose, CA

  • San Antonio TX to San Jose, CA

  • El Paso TX to San Jose, CA

  • Arlington TX to San Jose, CA

Texas to San Diego Car Transport

  • Dallas TX to San Diego, CA

  • Houston TX to San Diego, CA

  • Austin TX to San Diego, CA

  • Fort Worth TX to San Diego, CA

  • San Antonio TX to San Diego, CA

  • El Paso TX to San Diego, CA

  • Arlington TX to San Diego, CA

Texas to Sacramento Car Transport

  • Dallas TX to Sacramento, CA

  • Houston TX to Sacramento, CA

  • Austin TX to Sacramento, CA

  • Fort Worth TX to Sacramento, CA

  • San Antonio, TX to Sacramento, CA

  • El Paso TX to Sacramento, CA

  • Arlington TX to Sacramento, CA

Other California Locations from Texas

For auto transport to cities not mentioned above please call us at 561-923-0803 or complete the Quote form on this page to check car shipping rates.

Call now at 561-923-0803 or complete the form on this page to find the best Texas to California auto transport rates and when a truck will be in your area.

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