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50% off Auto transport Texas to California call 561-923-0803 for Free Quote.

Texas to California Auto Transport and Shipping

Texas Auto Transport's network of drivers service Texas to California on a weekly basis. We cover the entire state of Texas and offer some of the most competitive auto shipping rates in the car shipping business. Car shipping California is also home for most of our clients that we service on a daily basis. We also ship car from California to Illinois on a weekly basis.


Whether you need a vehicle pickup today, tomorrow, next week, or next month we will have trucks there at awesome rates. It does not matter if it is winter or summer, complete the form to the right of your screen for a free quote or call 561-923-0803 to find out when the next truck will be in your area. Our Auto transport service covers all the US States, so get your free quote now. We also do car transport from California to Florida.


California Car shipping Truck Type

Open or Enclosed Carrier?


When deciding to ship your car open or enclosed it's simply a personal choice. Though the open trucks/ carriers are widely used for shipping cars, clients that has a greater attachment to their cars or have more expensive vehicles are more likely to ship using the enclosed carriers. Yes it is relatively safe on the open carrier, but the enclosed carrier will protect the paint from road hazards such as lose objects on the road; rain, sun, oil leaks from other cars and wind damages and is also much higher in insurance liability. It is also fair to say most if not all the top athletes and super stars when moving uses the enclosed carriers to ship their vehicle (Yes red carpet service). You may not be an athlete or super star but you certainly deserves the red carpet service. Shipping a Car

Most important tip of shipping a vehicle is "Make sure to reserve your car shipment three weeks or more in advance".

When you do this at times your are able to get a price lock, which tends to be lower than the price 2 weeks or less before car shipping from California to Texas. 


State to State car Transport in California


When you are moving or relocating for work, School, home being it temporary or permanent; one of the most important question you may ask is "Should I ship my car?" or "Is it more economical to sell my car and get a new car than to ship the current car (which might be old) to my new location? Cost is the most important factor when shipping a car, if it does not worth it to you then there is simply no sense in shipping it. Be sure to know what the overall cost will be before you proceed with contracting a carrier for pickup. Also to ship car from NY to Ca, the price still remains the main factor. For Enclosed shipping it will be around $1400 while open car carrier will be around $900. Each location has a different rate for shipping your vehicle cross country or just to a nearby State. It is safe to first get an instant quote either by phone or online before you decides your car shipping from California to Texas.

Cross country shipping price will also vary base on the vehicle's dimensions. For example, the dimensions of a 2020 BMW X5 is completely different from a 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500.

State to State car Transport in Texas to California, Car Transport Rates

Texas to California auto shipping rates depend on several factors. The type of vehicle, type of shipping (enclosed or open), pickup/destination location and time frame all impact the rate for shipping your car. Auto transport rates also depend on the size of the vehicle, cost of fuel, seasonal demands, shipping schedule and other factors. Additional fees may be added for inoperable vehicles, auto that does not run or drive. We offer affordable terminal to terminal service or door to door service to just about every location in California from Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston and San Antonio several times a week. Below are some of the Texas to California auto transport services we have recently completed. Also these locations are used for car shipping from California to Texas.

Texas to San Francisco Car Transport 

  • Dallas, TX to San Francisco, CA

  • Houston TX to San Francisco, CA

  • Austin TX to San Francisco, CA

  • Fort Worth TX to San Francisco, CA

  • San Antonio TX to San Francisco, CA

  • El Paso TX to San Francisco, CA

  • Arlington TX to San Francisco, CA


Houston to California

Ship car from California to Illinois.
There are a number frequently asked questions for shipping car to Illinois, here is a list of questions and answers.
1. How much does it cost to ship car from California to Illinois?
Answer: As of today August 29, 2021 the rates for shipping a car from California to Illinois on a open truck is now $0.56 to $0.74 @ average 2022 miles, Example from Los Angeles Ca to Chicago Illinois.
2. How long does it take to ship car from California to Illinois?
Answer: The distance of 2022 miles can take 5-7 days shipping a vehicle from California to Illinois.
3. What method of car shipping services do you offer?
Answer: Here at A-Z Auto transport we offer open vehicle shipping, enclosed auto transport as well as expedited auto transport.
4. How do I ship my car from California to Illinois?
Answer: Shipping your vehicle from California to Illinois is easy as A, B, C. (A) You call us at 561-923-0803 or complete the transport quote form above providing the shipping details and a professional shipper will promptly assist you. (B) We pickup your vehicle on the schedule date. (C) We deliver your vehicle at the destination 5-7 days after pickup.
5 Can I pay the full transportation cost with my credit card?
Answer: Yes you can, there is a 10% procession fee when doing so.
6. Can I place a order if I don't know the complete address?
Answer: Yes you can, be sure to contact the driver on the day of delivery to inform the driver of the drop off point.
7. Can I ship my car that has low clearance?
Answer: Yes you can, we have specialized carrier trucks used to transport low clearance vehicles.   
Car shipping from California to Texas

Texas to Los Angeles Car Transport

  • Dallas TX to Los Angeles, CA

  • Houston TX to Los Angeles, CA

  • Austin TX to Los Angeles, CA

  • Fort Worth TX to Los Angeles, CA

  • San Antonio TX to Los Angeles, CA

  • El Paso TX to Los Angeles, CA

  • Arlington TX to Los Angeles, CA

Texas to San Jose Car Transport

  • Dallas TX to San Jose, CA

  • Houston TX to San Jose, CA

  • Austin TX to San Jose, CA

  • Fort Worth TX to San Jose, CA

  • San Antonio TX to San Jose, CA

  • El Paso TX to San Jose, CA

  • Arlington TX to San Jose, CA

Texas to San Diego Car Transport

  • Dallas TX to San Diego, CA

  • Houston TX to San Diego, CA

  • Austin TX to San Diego, CA

  • Fort Worth TX to San Diego, CA

  • San Antonio TX to San Diego, CA

  • El Paso TX to San Diego, CA

  • Arlington TX to San Diego, CA

Texas to Sacramento Car Transport

  • Dallas TX to Sacramento, CA

  • Houston TX to Sacramento, CA

  • Austin TX to Sacramento, CA

  • Fort Worth TX to Sacramento, CA

  • San Antonio, TX to Sacramento, CA

  • El Paso TX to Sacramento, CA

  • Arlington TX to Sacramento, CA

Other California Locations from Texas

For auto transport to cities not mentioned above please call us at 561-923-0803 or complete the Quote form on this page to check car shipping rates.

Call now at 561-923-0803 or complete the form on this page to find the best Texas to California auto transport rates and when a truck will be in your area.

Get free quote

Shipping a car to California

Many residents are now shipping a car to California, relocating for multiple reasons some for jobs, climate change, family, or just simply going back home. Shipping a vehicle to California from New York cost an average on a open carrier is $1,350 which includes tax tools,  shipping insurance and reservations. For shipping a vehicle to California from New York in an Enclosed carrier is an average $1,500. As shown in the screen shot below cash paid at delivery, today February 9, 2021 the rates shipping from Florida to California is reasonably averaging at $650 cash on delivery while showing $1,000 average shipping from New York. Car shipping cost cross country can be a debt up to $2,500 if you are not properly prepared. 

The average cost to ship a car varies and has multiple factors that directly impact the final cost. While that is so, a fair equitable and consumer friendly average cost is $0.75 per mile. According to Forbes advisor - home improvement page, the average cost is $2.00 per mile for less than 200 miles. Below we gave you a list of 7 most important factors that directly affects your car shipping cost cross country.


What are your zip codes for pickup and delivery? "This will determine your Mileage". 


Does your vehicle runs and drive? "$150 additional is charged for winch"


Will you be shipping enclosed or open? "45% more is charged for shipping Enclosed".


How soon are you looking to ship. "Normally when the customer is seeking same day, next day or 3 days pickup cost more than 3 weeks or 1Month.


Were you planning  on adding any item in the vehicle? "the driver may charge $50 in cash" for personal items in the car.


Will you be shipping 2 or more vehicles? "A shipper normally get discount for doing so.


Is the car at a business or residence? "its more costly when pickup is at a auction".

           Car shipping rates

When relocating a vehicle one of the main factor in the decision making as to which company to hire is the rate, what is the overall cost for shipping your vehicle with that company? Many auto transport companies shipping cars from California to Texas have different car shipping rates and also requires a $150 to $250 deposit before the vehicle is picked up. While we are not the cheapest company for shipping a vehicle from Texas to California, we do not charge a deposit. The shipping rates will also depends on the type of carrier used to ship your vehicle. When transporting your vehicle in an open carrier the rates are lower than when using an enclosed auto carrier. The average shipping cost from Texas to California is between $450 to $850 on a open carrier and $950 to $1100 on a enclosed carrier. The actual cost will also be depending on the pickup and delivery location as well as the type of vehicle you are transporting. Completing the quote form above will give you a more accurate rate for shipping your vehicle.    

 How much to ship a car from Texas to California? 

The average cost in shipping a car from Texas to California is $875

For a more accurate quote for shipping your vehicle, complete the quote form above and include the type of vehicle year and model.   

Car Shipping Companies Near Me

Looking for auto transport companies near you in Texas? A drive from Beaumont to Lordsburg, Texas on the Western border, is nearly 1000 on its own. Texas is a massive state, and if you’re looking at having to transport a car across the state, or across the country, we can support you. We have teams of qualified professionals who have been in the industry for years. Whether it’s a second car, a motorcycle, or classic car that you don’t want to put miles on, we can help. Head to A-Z Auto Transport to compare brokerages and carriers with trucks in your area right now. We know you are wondering, how much is it to transport a car?

Using Texas Car Transport Companies

When you are looking to book Texas car transport services, keep a few key tips in mind.

  • Get your car ready for driving and heat: In Texas, there are long stretches between towns filled with lots of lush vegetation and desert and… well… not much else. Moreover, when it gets hot here, it gets super. Keep that in mind any time you plan to ship your car to Texas.

  • Look for an auto transport company with an office in Texas: Texas is large enough to find a company with an office actually in the state, which makes Texas auto shipping more affordable for you. Search around to see if you can find a company with an office in the state.

  • Shop around for great rates: When you are shipping a car, rates are everything, particularly if you are relocating. The expense can already be so great; mitigate the overall cost by finding a Texas auto shipping company with great rates that work for your budget.

Visit the Texas Department of Transportation website for more information on Texas and the plentiful opportunities in which it can offer those visiting or relocating to the state and car shipping from California to Texas.

Long Distance Auto Transport to/from Texas

If you are planning to move to the state of Texas or to any other part of the United States, auto shipping services are generally superior to doing it yourself. Driving over long distances involves quite a bit of planning and a thousand mile drive is time-consuming and tiring. It also increases the car’s mileage and reduces its lifespan.

For professional long distance moving assistance, contact us and we will help you through the entire process. Our prices are reasonable, and we can transport your car to anywhere you need it, including outside the US.

International Auto Transport from/to Texas


A-Z Auto Transport tries to keep international shipping as simple as possible. All you have to do is call our office and speak to one of our staff members. All the details can be agreed upon over the phone, saving both parties time.

After everything is settled, a driver will drop by on the agreed upon date to pick up your car and take it to the location you’ve chosen, regardless if that place is somewhere in the US or in Europe. Of course, international transportation is a bit more complicated than interstate, but we’ll take care of everything.

Car Shipping California to Texas

One factor which greatly affects shipping costs is the location. It will be easier for you to find cheap auto transportation if you’re moving to a city since there tends to be more carriers heading towards them.

If you’re off route, a terminal to terminal service may also be unavailable. However, you should ask our personnel first. You may be able to use a terminal to door option or vice versa. This will lower your bill significantly.

Another thing you can do is ask for an open carrier. These are the most common type of auto carriers, and they’re cheaper to book as well.

A-Z Auto Transport implements seasonal offerings during the colder part of the year to encourage potential customers, and we also have a few discounts you may qualify for. Call our staff for more details.

Shipping Luxury and Classic Cars in Texas

To transport a classic or luxury car to Texas, there are a few things to consider. Regular transportation services with an open carrier are perfectly safe and get the job done. However, there might be the occasional scratch or dent caused road debris and weather elements. If your car is especially valuable, you may also not want it travelling with 10 others, raising the chance of it being seen by potential thieves.

To avoid these problems, an enclosed carrier is recommended. The contents of the truck are kept secret, and neither the elements nor road debris can get near it. Exotic and antique cars can be transported alone, so they’ll arrive faster. Even if you transport multiple luxury vehicles, our white glove service will ensure they arrive safely.

Texas Special Discounts

Military personnel can ship a POV at a reduced price thanks to a special discount. Other discounts are offered to our students and senior clients, so they can afford the transport. If you’re not a senior, a student, or part of the military, you can cut costs significantly using our seasonal offerings. You may inquire about them over the phone. Discounts are also offered for car shipping California for students and senior clients.

Auto Transport Safety Measures in Texas

A-Z Auto Transport goes to great lengths to ensure the safety of your vehicle. We inspect our carriers before each transport in case they need repairs. We check every car we transport to make sure it doesn’t have loose parts or leaks that may damage other automobiles.

Every route is carefully planned out, so your car will arrive as fast as possible and with no incident. At the drop-off point, you’ll be asked to verify its state before signing the final paperwork. If there’s anything wrong with it, let us know and we will compensate you.

Shipping a car to California
Shipping a car to California
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