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Shipping a Car to Jamaica- More Tips


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 Shipping prices and rates; How much does it cost to ship to Jamaica?

  • Vehicles with average dimensions can be shipped from the U.S. to Jamaica for $1,800 to $3,600. You may be able to find some cheaper rates depending on carrier availability or type of shipping service. 

  • Important Note: There are costs for import taxes and registering the vehicle after it arrives in the country


*Duration and Prices are estimated. They varies depending on the season and the vehicle's dimensions.

*You can reduce your overall cost by delivering the vehicle to the nearest port.

*On arrival, allow an additional 10 days to process the documents.

*Prices are for 1 car in a dedicated 20ft container. This is the safest and most reliable way to transport a vehicle internationally. Other items may be included in the container to help save you money when moving.

*Using the RoRo (roll on, roll off) method is less expensive and shipments can be completed in fewer days. Contact us now for a free RoRo quote.


When your vehicle is shipped

  • Visitors and returning residence without a TRN will need a tax registration number to transport anything into Jamaica. You can apply via here, the Jamaican Tax Administration. This is best done before you properly book auto transport to Jamaica, even if you are working through a company.

  • Understanding the process and how the system works will make it much easier for you. If you are planning to sell your vehicle in Jamaica, then you are in for a wait. Jamaican law prohibits the sale of a newly exported vehicle in-country for at least a year; if it is damaged before, during or directly after shipping, then you must wait at least three years before selling it.

  • Roll On/Roll Off Shipping is one of the most common ways to export a vehicle to Jamaica. With this method, the car is rolled onto the boat and then rolled off upon its final arrival. The risk is greater with this type of shipping; however, the payoff is that the car does not have to be prepped to be in a container and the auto shipping handlers can better keep an eye on it during transport.


  Use the following tips to be ready for your car pick-up:

  • Wash your car, so that you can properly inspect it and there are no disagreements over responsibility for any damage.

  • Remove personal items from your vehicle (see Tip.C).

  • Remove or secure any special effects on your car, such as spoilers, fog lights and antennas. These can easily be damaged during transport.

  • Be sure your car battery is charged, so your car can be easily loaded and unloaded from the carrier

Documents Required For Shipping A Vehicle To Jamaica

  1. Passport.

  2. Import license. (dealers)

  3. Driver's license.

  4. Title/proof of ownership.

  5. Invoice.

  6. Work permit. (visitors/ none residence)

  7. Tax compliance certificate.

  8. Jamaican import form (C-78)

     Currently when you do a search for shipping a car to Jamaica the broker sites such as › ship-car-to-Jamaica is shown at the top due to their online ranking, but they are not the actual shipping company and they do not know anything about Jamaica than what they have googled online.

When YOUR VEHICLE is Delivered

It is very important that you inspect your vehicle CAREFULLY at the time of delivery, also compare the condition and mileage against the "Original Inspection Report" provided by your carrier transport company at origination. Be sure to inspect the roof and under the front and rear bumpers. Note all inconsistencies as exceptions if there are any and ensure that the driver signs it. Accepting can be very risky if you are not able to verify its condition – You have little recourse if damage occurred during transit, without being viewed and signed by the driver.


This is a rare occurrence but a possibility it may happen, please ensure to note all damage on your inspection report and obtain the driver's signature, and contact your car carrier company. The car transport company should then work with you to reimburse you for verifiable damage done to your car.

Experienced Auto Shipping to Jamaica

Before shipping your vehicle please check with the customs division here: The Jamaican Customs division has its own rules and regulations for bringing a vehicle into the country. From obtaining the proper tax certificates to the, age of the vehicle and any additional paperwork needed. Verify by checking this site before starting the trip to Jamaica with the car not far, it is best practice to first ensure that you are in compliance with all auto importation rules and have all the required documents.


Prepare to pay a premium tax for your vehicle upon going through Customs when you arrive in Jamaica. The auto shipping company will negotiate this for you when you book, but be prepared: you may have to pay up to 67% of the value of the vehicle as a duty upon arriving in the country. As the size of the motor in the car increase, the cost generally tends to get higher.

Shipping A Car To Jamaica

Being prepared is the best policy for this situation, knowing that custom will be charging you around 67% of the value of the vehicle you have to be prepared to make the payment in order to clear customs. As a auto dealer the cost and process varies. Returning residence are allowed at least 2 imported vehicles after 3 years of living abroad and will be allowed to drive up to 12 months on their international drivers license. After 12 months the law requires you to get a Jamaican driver's license. Depending on the broker used to clear your vehicle, you may be required to insure the vehicle before driving it off the port. This is something to check with your chosen auto transport company, to be permitted to drive away from Customs you may need a dealer Tag or until you are able to provide proof of insurance with a Jamaican company.

Transporting Heavy Equipment to Jamaica

Shipping a barrel, car, heavy equipment or just a simple package, using an international transporter that is also locally in Jamaica with years of experience with proper credentials is the best way to have your cargo shipped to Jamaica. With A-Z auto transport  you can expect that your cargo will be delivered safely with very little or no concerns. With the highest technology in the shipping industry we will confidently ship your oversized cargo to another nation successfully.

Fulfilling all the import requirements of Jamaica may not be the toughest part of the transport process for many, but on the day of picking your cargo the process maybe tedious and takes the entire day . Graciously, at A-z we have an understanding of these laws and what taxes must be paid before you can earn the certificate of import approval from Customs.

  • Bulldozers

  • Combines

  • Forklifts

  • Harvesters

  • Pontoon Boats

  • Yachts

  • RVs

  • Motorhomes

  • Tractors

  • Agricultural Equipment

  • Air Drills

  • Cold Planers

  • Cranes

  • Log Loaders

  • Pneumatic Rollers

  • Skid Steer Loaders

  • Skidder

  • Asphalt Pavers

  • Excavators

  • Backhoes

  • Boom Lifts

  • Construction Equipment

  • Crawler Loaders

  • Farm Equipment

  • Heavy Trucks

  • Industrial Plant Equipment

  • Motor Graders

  • Mowers

  • Scissor Lifts

  • Trenchers and more…

International Shipping Methods for Oversized Cargo and Heavy Equipment


The methods offered to you through A1 for your transport to Jamaica will be determined after you give our representatives a little information regarding the type of cargo you have to ship. However, to give you more insight, here are the four shipping options we have to offer...

  • Flat Rack Shipping

  • Container Shipping

  • Roll On/Roll Off Shipping

  • Lift On/Lift Off Shipping

RoRo, LoLo and flat rack are all safe overseas, open air shipping methods. Although your cargo is left open to outside elements such as inclement weather during its transport, we do add on free insurance coverage to each of our customers’ shipping service packages. If our coverage doesn’t protect the full value of your heavy equipment, we do offer extra insurance protection plans at additional costs. Container shipping is our service that provides the most protection. Nevertheless, this is only available to those with heavy equipment that can fit inside a 40ft container.

Car Shipping Tips
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