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Car Transport California to Pennsylvania.


Fast, easy and reliable car transport California to Pennsylvania with delivery within 7-10 days after pickup. Two simple steps, 1.Get your free quote and 2. Get your vehicle ship. Yes it is that simple with A-Z Auto Transport, with no money down we will pickup your vehicle. 

How long it takes

How long it takes?

California to Pennsylvania car transport and shipping is an average 5-7 days during transit. By the I80 W this journey is 39hrs long for 2733 miles, with the current road work and day to day trafic may increase the transit time by one or two days.   


  • Los Angeles, CA to Harrisburg, PA

  • Los Angeles, CA to Philadelphia, PA  

  • Los Angeles, CA to Allen Town, PA

  • Los Angeles, CA to Bethlehem, PA

  • Los Angeles, CA to Pittsburgh, PA


San Diego to Pennsylvania Car Transport


  • San diego, CA to Harrisburg, PA

  • San diego, CA to Philadelphia, PA

  • San diego, CA to Allen Town, PA

  • San diego, CA to Bethlehem, PA

  • San diego, CA to Pittsburgh, PA                      



Sacramento to Pennsylvania Auto Transport


  • Sacramento, CA to Harrisburg, PA

  • Sacramento, CA to Philadelphia, PA

  • Sacramento, CA to Allen Town, PA

  • Sacramento,CA to Bethlehem, PA

  • Sacramento, CA to Pittsburgh, PA                      



San Jose to Pennsylvania Car Shipping


  • San Jose, CA to Harrisburg, PA

  • San Jose, CA to Philadelphia, PA

  • San Jose, CA to Allen Town, PA

  • San Jose,CA to Bethlehem, PA

  • San Jose, CA to Pittsburgh, PA                       


San Francisco to Pennsylvania Car Shipping


  • San Francisco, CA to Harrisburg, PA

  • San Francisco, CA to Philadelphia, PA

  • San Francisco, CA to Allen Town, PA

  • San Francisco,CA to Bethlehem, PA

  • San Francisco, CA to Pittsburgh, PA


Other locations to Pennsylvania from CA 


  • Erie

  • Reading

  • Scranton

  • Lancaster

  • Levittown

  • Altoona 


For any other city to city location not listed above call us at 561-923-0803 or complete a free quote online. 

Shipping your vehicle from Pennsylvania to California or any other state will vary depending on the actual distance being travelled, the type of vehicle being shipped, when the vehicle is being shipped and also what type of carrier is used to do the shipping. To confirm the cost for shipping your vehicle complete the form below for a free auto transport quote.

Enclosed car transport is best if you are looking to ship a collectors car, classic car, sports car or motor cycle. We provide a professional door to door service for auto auction shipping, vintage race car shipping, classic car shipping, auto show transport. Complete the quote form above to learn more.


We can take your vintage racecar to and from the track and also provide storage while at the meet, which can be for short term and long term storage. Covering all the major cities providing confidential services with special consideration for dealers and museums. Our trucks are fully insured with our on-board satellite tracking system so we know exactly where it's located at any given time. The liftgate of 10,000 pounds hydraulic gives a smooth loading and unloading preventing strain on the car's suspension system. The wheels are securely tied down using strong nylon straps. 


Enclosed Shipping benefits 


Enclosed auto transport and shipping provides a greater level of security, with no exposure to road elements, higher insurance liability and the option of shipping additional parts.    


Auto shipping enclosed

Auto shipping Enclosed

Car Shipping cost

Shipping a car cost?

Your details were sent successfully! A car transport Pro will be with you ASAP.


Car shipping from Pennsylvania to California generally takes 7-10 days depending on the actual pickup and delivery address. Communication between driver and customer is mentained to ensure a smooth pickup and delivery, you will receive a call 24 hrs before pickup to confirm the pickup time and also 24hrs before delivery to confirm the delivery time. 

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