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Car Transport NY to FL


How long does it take to ship a car from FL to NY?


To Ship Car from NY to Florida takes an average 16hrs & 54min of driving with the driver doing a mandatory rest stop after driving for 10 hrs. 

Resulting in a two to three days for delivery, depending on the actual destination.

The cost of Transporting your car from FL to NY will depends heavily on exactly; 


1. Where from Florida to where in New York?


2. Also if the car is transported in an open or enclosed trailer.

3. The season (time of year) you are transporting your car, demand and supply

     of the service.

4. What type of vehicle are you Transporting? Car, SUV, Pickup truck, Van, RV.....


5. Does the car runs or drive?

As the year progresses you will notice that the price of shipping a car increases or decreases this is so because the demand and supply changes from season to season. Currently we are in the Summer where the cost to ship a vehicle to New York is at average $975. See table list below; 









The number of car transport drivers entering NY is far less than those

entering FL, drivers are deterred from NY because of the high toll cost

associated with each trip entering and exiting. A-z Auto Transport LLC

has a large number of certified drivers with both open and enclosed

trucks that goes back and forth each week from FL to NY and the

surrounding states, making it easy for our customers to transport a car

safely and timely with little or no hassle. To know exactly what the cost is

to transport a car, complete the QUOTE FORM and indicate if you would

like your car to be shipped open or enclosed. It is also the same when you ship car from Ny to Ca. When shipping a car to Florida you will find a lot of companies/ auto shipping brokers on google search after entering your search term. Example "how to ship a car to Florida"?  

If you are shipping a car to FL the time duration for shipping will differ from company to company base on the actual amount quoted/ charged. Therefore if the current shipping rate from New York to Florida is $1,000 and you were quoted $700 by the car shipping broker, then it is likely that you will be on a waiting list that may take over one week for your vehicle to be picked up. While the company that quoted the current rate of $1000 may take 2 to 3 days to pickup and delivery your vehicle, the auto shipping broker that quoted you $700 may take up to one week for your vehicle to e picked up and a shipping process that may take 2 weeks to complete.  Car Transport from California to Florida is currently very affordable.

How much does it cost to ship my car?

The type of vehicle you are shipping will also have an impact on the price. From New York to Florida is currently $900 on Open Carrier and $1300 on Enclosed.

Motorcycles are $150 less than Cars;

Cars are $150 less than SUVs





















Suvs are $50 less than pickup,

RVs, Classic Cars and Sports cars are in a separate price range.


Shipping a car Florida to New York can be very easy, here are some

of our locations covered on a daily basis. 



Jacksonville, FL Car Transport                     


  • Jacksonville, FL to Bronx, NY                                                 

  • Jacksonville, FL to Queens, NY                                               

  • Jacksonville, FL to Kings, NY                                                   

  • Jacksonville, FL to Manhattan, NY                                        

  • Jacksonville, FL to Staten Island, NY                                     

  • Jacksonville, FL to New York, NY                                         

Miami, FL Car Transport


  • Miami, FL 33101 to Bronx, NY 10453

  • Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 to Queens, NY 11365

  • Miami, FL 33255 to Kings, NY 11024

  • Miami, FL 33111 to Manhattan, NY 10012

  • Miami, FL 33233 to Staten Island, NY 10306

  • Miami, FL 33139 to New York, NY 10005

   Hialeah Auto transport vehicles from New York, Colorado or any other State to Hialeah Florida and or Miami Florida due to the COVID19 the transport process may be delayed from 3 days to 5 days for delivery. 

Tampa, FL Car Transport 

  • Tampa, FL 33601 to Bronx, NY 10453

  • Tampa, FL 33681 to Queens, NY 11365

  • Tampa, FL 33675 to Kings, NY 11024

  • Tampa, FL 33623 to Manhattan, NY 10306                                     

    Tampa, FL 33630 to Staten Island, NY 10005. 


  • Are you shipping your car for the first time and does not   Tampa, FL to New York, know really what to expect? At A-z auto transport llc we educate our customers to ensure that you are fully prepared for the process of shipping a car. 

  • What to expect


Saint Petersburg, FL Car Transport 

  • Saint Petersburg, FL to Bronx, NY

  • Saint Petersburg, FL to Queens, NY

  • Saint Petersburg, FL to Kings, NY

  • Saint Petersburg, FL to Manhattan, NY 

  • Saint Petersburg, FL to Staten Island, NY

  • Saint Petersburg, FL to New York, NY


If your city is not listed complete the quote form and indicate your pickup and delivery location. 

For more info on car transport NY to FL to can follow these list of blog post. 

Snow bird season/ winter season year after year create an increase in shipping cost from New York to Florida while on the reverse caused the cost from Florida to New York to drop significantly. During this period the cost for shipping a vehicle from New York to Florida is between $975 to $1200 depending on the type of vehicle as well as the specific location for pick up and delivery. However auto transport Florida to New York is between $450 to $650, but at this time normally only a few people transport their vehicles to New York from Florida during this period. 


Car transport from NY to FL

Auto transport New York to Florida 

Car transport cost 

Classic car shipping

FL to NY
Car transport NY to FL

Florida’s Auto Transport directory

A-Z Auto transport LLC

1160 SW 1st ave

Boca Raton, Fl 33432

A-Z Auto Transport 

Ship Your Car Now, LLC

2200 N Federal Hwy #206

Boca Raton, FL  33431


Ship Your Car Now


Budget Auto Shipping


As the name implies, Budget Auto Shipping focuses on saving Florida automobile transportation customers money in every way possible, and their vehicle shippers have been safely helping those in the process of relocation for a long time. This includes suggesting more budget-friendly ways get your vehicle from one point to the next, as well as specials for transport customers that keep them coming back to Budget for all of their car transport needs.

555 NE 15th St # 2T, Miami, FL


Budget Auto Shipping


CD Auto Transport

This Florida car transportation company specializes in moving a variety of vehicle types, from cars and trucks to motorcycles and boats. Moreover, CD offers clients of all types Florida auto transport services, from auto dealers to individuals that just want their car delivered during an extended vacation in this sunny southeastern state. Licensed and bonded, offering door to door services with enclosed and open air trailers. Check BBB accredited review online, this business has a good rating.

915 Northwest 1st Avenue, Miami, FL


CD Auto Transport

  Car Transport Safety  

Car transport safety is govern and monitored by the FMCSA.  The carrier is required to provide insurance for each car during transit, also depending on the size of the a standard weight          limit is establish to prevent accidents caused from   overloading. Other sources for car Transport safety and tips are Blogs, Forums and Wiki how.


Auto transport cost.png
shipping a car to Fl

Transport Your Car to Florida 

Have you quite recently looked "transport my vehicle to Florida"? Congrats! You've begun the transition to quite possibly the most famous states in the mainland United States. Possibly you've at last chosen to get an excursion house in Jacksonville to assist you with getting the long northern winters. Perhaps you're at long last venturing out into retirement. Or then again perhaps you're moving to Florida for a totally extraordinary explanation. Whatever that reason may be, you are going to leave on a major move. Among the numerous belongings you'll probably be pressing, you may likewise need to move your own special vehicle. 

Transportation your vehicle to or from Florida shouldn't need to be an issue. Sadly, not all vehicle transporting organizations in the locale are made equivalent. On this page, study the incredible province of Florida, the various auto vehicle organizations in Florida, and our exceptionally appraised auto vehicle administration here at A-Z Auto Transport. Locate the correct decision for your necessities with our master direction, and get a statement from our group today! 

Florida Car Transport Made Easy 

Florida was initially land that had a place with Spain. It was named La Florida, which implies the bloom, by Juan Ponce de Leon. Florida turned into a state in 1845. In view of its area, Florida is helpless to tropical storms, which generally occur from August to October. You may review that Hurricanes Andrew, Ivan, and Katrina all occurred in August or early September with wrecking results. Nonetheless, this doesn't prevent individuals from setting up their vehicle transport to Florida, which is as yet a most loved objective. In the event that you have questioned in Google, "transport my vehicle to Florida," you need to make certain to pick an organization that will work with both the Florida climate and your timetable to make your life simpler, not harder. 

Transport Cars to Florida In the Winter 

Florida's subtropical and heat and humidity's, alongside its dazzling coasts, pull in individuals from everywhere the world. Northerners routinely move to southern zones with hotter environments throughout the cold weather months, and they frequently rush to Florida to get away from the freezing temperatures and day off. Florida is an astounding place to get-away, a subsequent home, or a retirement desert garden. Florida auto vehicle drivers end up giving vehicle transporting administrations to clients remaining in hotels or country estates, who are attempting to avoid blizzards and ice for the colder time of year. Also, considerably more critically, bringing your vehicle down to Florida in the colder time of year assists with broadening your vehicle's life by getting it far from the entirety of the salt and synthetic compounds unloaded on the northern state streets to help dissolve ice away. Keep your vehicle off those cold streets. Carry it down to Florida with you. 

Vehicle Transportation Florida Quotes 

Florida is stacked with excursion objections. Florida likewise has a few milestones and attractions. Florida is home to Disney World, Universal Studios and The Kennedy Space Center. 

As of late, Miami has acquired the biggest number of Cuban-Americans in the whole territory of Florida. The southern piece of Florida has seen a social change over the previous many years. Miami is intensely affected by Cuban culture and a huge bit of Spanish talking networks. 

Some notable individuals have come from Florida. From the 1950's sitcom, The Honeymooners, entertainer, comic, and artist Jackie Gleason was conceived there. How sweet it is! 

Likewise, the celebrated author, Ernest Hemingway, bought property in Florida, cruised its warm waters and kept in touch with a portion of his best works in Key West. 

Come see why everybody's moving to Florida. It's the second quickest developing state in the country, and simply going to continue to develop for quite a long time to come. In case you're considering moving out to Florida, don't think for a really long time, with the goal that you can make sure about your own special piece of tropical heaven, while as yet getting the entirety of the advantages of living in the United States! 


Florida-Miami-beach Ship My Car to Florida 

The 2000 Presidential Election between Texas Governor George W. Bramble and Vice-President Al Gore was chosen in Florida, where under 300 votes isolated the two. After much ballyhoo and legitimate fighting, the United States Supreme Court ruled for Mr. Bramble. You can envision that the two Democrats and Republicans did a great deal of vehicle transporting during that political fight. Florida is likewise known for its noteworthy games groups. In 1972 the Miami Dolphins turned into the lone Super Bowl champions to have a 17-0 wonderful season. In 2013, the Miami Heat made NBA history with LeBron James as the MVP. That Heat group dominated 27 ball matches in succession, which was the second-longest streak ever. 

The amount Does it Cost To Ship From Florida To California? 

Auto carrier Florida drivers will be satisfied to realize that the Sunshine State has many significant metropolitan territories. Fort Lauderdale is the biggest metropolitan territory in Florida, trailed by Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg. South Beach, a neighborhood in Miami, is another famous spot in Florida. Nicknamed, SoBe, it sits directly on the coast and is the focal point of amusement, shops, and feasting for sightseers, occupants, and auto transporters. 

Of course, one thing Florida and California occupants share for all intents and purpose is a fondness for warm climate. Either state is a most loved movement objective for the other. It truly doesn't be too expensive to even think about transportation vehicles from Florida to California, and back, so in case you're in one daylight state, returning to the next one with your vehicle close behind won't use up every last cent. 

Auto Transport Companies in Florida for High-End Shipping 

Florida has a long history of lovely, top of the line vehicles. Essentially these vehicles come from out of state, which implies they must be transported in (or out, for those leaving the Sunshine State). Regularly, vehicles are delivered from huge Florida urban areas like Miami to support more modest business sectors or oblige moving people. Significantly more regularly, individuals are delivering vehicles to Florida. Families transport their vehicles to metropolitan focuses and more modest towns. Businesses send very good quality vehicles and different vehicles to seaside homes along the Gulf and the Atlantic Ocean. Large numbers of the vehicles dispatched to or from Florida are adequately pleasant to be transported in shut holders, protected from severe climate or different perils. 

Search "transport vehicle to Florida" and you'll discover a few alternatives. On the off chance that you have a very good quality vehicle, ensure you transport with an auto vehicle organization in Florida that offers encased transportation. When managing very good quality delivery, you risk working with organizations that go after the rich. Try not to get conned into spending an exorbitant price on super-costly encased delivery that does not merit the cover cost. Work with a trustworthy delivery organization that has a part of their business committed to encased transportation, as we do here at A-Z Auto Transport. We'll give you a lot more pleasant arrangement than an organization that just spends significant time in transportation vehicles in encased spaces. We likewise have the foundation set up to comply with the time constraint that you demand, instead of the opposite way around. 

On the off chance that you don't have to put resources into encased delivery, it's as yet essential to work with an organization that has reasonable costs, responsive representatives, and superb surveys. Working with a legitimate organization that ships vehicles regularly will help guarantee that your vehicle dispatching goes as easily as could be expected. On the off chance that you live in Florida, there is no preferable decision over our group here at Direct


Express Auto Transport

Ship Your Car from Florida 

Florida is quite possibly the most novel states in the Union. It's likewise quite possibly the most famous for long haul traveling or occasional living. That implies there's an enormous unforeseen of individuals that come to Florida for just piece of the year and afterward leave for the leftover part. In the event that you consider yourself as a part of these occasional explorers — or in case you're moving out of the Sunshine State for good — you'll need to carry your vehicle with you. All things considered, it's hard to live in many spots without a vehicle. Rather than driving your vehicle to your new objective, think about transportation it to save time, cash, and mileage on your vehicle. 

With regards to top notch vehicle delivering out of Florida, our group here at A-Z Auto Transport is the one to beat. Out of the numerous auto vehicle organizations in Florida, we stay in front of the pack with industry-driving coordination's, quick delivery times, moderate costs, and fantastic help. We additionally gladly offer both uncovered and covered delivery alternatives to oblige all vehicles. Make your takeoff from Florida a breeze with our group. 

Florida Auto Transport 

Discovering auto vehicle in Florida isn't care for finding an extremely elusive little thing. It's more similar to finding an orange in an orange woods. There are numerous alternatives directly before your face, and it's on you to pick the best one. At the point when you search "transport vehicle to Florida" or "transport vehicle from Florida," you need to sagaciously filter through a few organizations by looking at costs, understanding surveys, and finding the most ideal assistance. Here to improve that cycle, we'll show you in only a couple sentences why our group at A-Z Auto Transport is the most ideal decision for the work. 

To start with, we offer a portion of the business' most moderate rates, and we offer them to you in a moment or two. Our low rates come from our industry-driving coordination's group and monstrous organization of drivers, and our brisk statements come from our Online Quote Calculator. Basically enter a couple of snippets of data about your takeoff city, your objective city, and your vehicle to get a reasonable, 100%-straightforward statement in a moment or two. 

Costs aside, we additionally offer probably the quickest transportation times and the most amicable assistance. Yet, don't trust us. Look at our 94% 5-star rating on Trustpilot to perceive what many cheerful clients have said about working with us. Regardless of whether you're searching for vehicle transport to Florida or vehicle transport out of Florida, there is no better company than A-Z Auto Transport.

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