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How long does it take to ship a car from FL to NY?

Car Transport NY to FL is an average 16hrs & 54min. 

Resulting in a two to three days for delivery, depending on the actual destination.

The cost of Transporting your car from FL to NY will depends heavily on exactly; 


1. Where from Florida to where in New York?


2. Also if the car is transported in an open or enclosed trailer.


3. The season (time of year) you are transporting your car, demand and supply

     of the service.


4. What type of vehicle are you Transporting? Car, SUV, Pickup truck, Van, RV.....


5. Does the car runs or drive?

The number of car transport drivers entering NY is far less than those

entering FL, drivers are detered from NY because of the high toll cost

associated with each trip entering and exiting. A-z Auto Transport LLC

has a large number of certified drivers with both open and enclosed

trucks that goes back and forth each week from FL to NY and the

sourounding states, making it easy for our customers to transport a car

safely and timely with little or no hassel. To know exactly what the cost is

to transport a car, complete the QUOTE FORM and indicate if you would

like your car to be shipped open or enclosed. It is also the same when you ship car from Ny to Ca.

How much does it cost to ship my car?

The type of vehicle you are shipping will also have an impact on the price. From New York to Florida is currently $900 on Open Carrier and $1300 on Enclosed.

Motorcycles are $150 less than Cars

Cars are $150 less than SUVs





















Suvs are $50 less than pickup

RVs, Classic Cars and Sports cars are in a separate price range.


Shipping a car Florida to New York can be very easy, here are some

of our locations covered on a daily basis. 



Jacksonville, FL Car Transport                     Car Transport Safety


  • Jacksonville, FL to Bronx, NY                                                  Car transport safety is govern and monitored by the 

  • Jacksonville, FL to Queens, NY                                               FMCSA.  The carrier is required to provide insurance for

  • Jacksonville, FL to Kings, NY                                                   each car during transit, also depending on the size of the

  • Jacksonville, FL to Manhattan, NY                                         a standard weight limit is establish to prevent accidents

  • Jacksonville, FL to Staten Island, NY                                     caused from overloading. Other sources for car 

  • Jacksonville, FL to New York, NY                                            Transport safety and tips are Blogs, Forums and Wiki                                                                                                             how.


Miami, FL Car Transport


  • Miami, FL to Bronx, NY

  • Miami, FL to Queens, NY

  • Miami, FL to Kings, NY

  • Miami, FL to Manhattan, NY 

  • Miami, FL to Staten Island, NY

  • Miami, FL to New York, NY


Tampa, FL Car Transport 


  • Tampa, FL to Bronx, NY

  • Tampa, FL to Queens, NY

  • Tampa, FL to Kings, NY

  • Tampa, FL to Manhattan, NY                                      

    Tampa, FL to Staten Island, NY.  Are you shipping your car for the first time and does not   Tampa, FL to New York, know really what to expect? At A-z auto transport llc we educate our customers to ensure that you are                   fully prepared for the process of shipping a car. 

  • What to expect


Saint Petersburg, FL Car Transport 

  • Saint Petersburg, FL to Bronx, NY

  • Saint Petersburg, FL to Queens, NY

  • Saint Petersburg, FL to Kings, NY

  • Saint Petersburg, FL to Manhattan, NY 

  • Saint Petersburg, FL to Staten Island, NY

  • Saint Petersburg, FL to New York, NY


If your city is not listed complete the quote form and indicate your pickup and delivery location. 

For more info on car transport NY to FL to can follow these list of blog post. 

Snow bird season/ winter season year after year create an increase in shipping cost from New York to Florida while on the reverse caused the cost from Florida to New York to drop significantly. During this period the cost for shipping a vehicle from New York to Florida is between $700 to $1200 depending on the type of vehicle as well as the specific location for pick up and delivery. However auto transport Florida to New York is between $450 to $650, but at this time normally only a few people transport their vehicles to New York from Florida during this period.


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Budget Auto Shipping


As the name implies, Budget Auto Shipping focuses on saving Florida automobile transportation customers money in every way possible, and their vehicle shippers have been safely helping those in the process of relocation for a long time. This includes suggesting more budget-friendly ways get your vehicle from one point to the next, as well as specials for transport customers that keep them coming back to Budget for all of their car transport needs.

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CD Auto Transport

This Florida car transportation company specializes in moving a variety of vehicle types, from cars and trucks to motorcycles and boats. Moreover, CD offers clients of all types Florida auto transport services, from auto dealers to individuals that just want their car delivered during an extended vacation in this sunny southeastern state. Licensed and bonded, offering door to door services with enclosed and open air trailers. Check BBB accredited review online, this business has a good rating.

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