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California to Massachusetts Car Transport


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California-Massachusetts Car Transport Rates

California to Massachusetts shipping rate is affected by many factors as any other Car Transport or Vehicle Shipping route.  These factors includes: the type of car, the type of car transporters carrier (Open or Enclosed), the auto transporting pickup and delivery address location, does the car runs or not? These are the major factors influencing the final cost in shipping a Car.

We offer door to door and terminal to terminal Car Transport services from every location in Massachusetts to San Jose, Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Fresno, San Diego several times a week. Below is a list of States for pickup and delivery in both California and Massachusetts.  

Los Angeles to Massachusetts Car Transport 

  • Los Angeles, CA 90001 to Worcester, MA 01601 at $0.60 per mile

  • Los Angeles, CA 90001 to Boston, MA 02101

  • Los Angeles, CA 900001 to Lowell, MA 01850

  • Los Angeles, CA 90001 to Cambridge, MA 02114 at $0.60 per mile

  • Los Angeles, CA 90001 to Springfield, MA  01020 at $0.60 per mile                 

San Diego to Massachusetts Car Transport

  • San Diego, CA 91945 to Worcester, MA 01601

  • San Diego, CA 91945 to Boston, MA 02101

  • San Diego, CA 91945 to Lowell, MA 01850

  • San Diego, CA 91945 to Cambridge, MA 02114

  • San Diego, CA 91945 to Springfield, MA 01020                     



Sacramento to Massachusetts Auto Transport


  • Sacramento, CA 94203 to Worcester, MA 01601

  • Sacramento, CA 94203 to Boston, MA 02101

  • Sacramento, CA 94203 to Lowell, MA 01850

  • Sacramento, CA 94203 to Cambridge, MA 02114

  • Sacramento, CA 94203 to Springfield, MA 01020                      



San Jose to Massachusetts Car Shipping


  • San Jose, CA 94088 to Worcester, MA 01601

  • San Jose, CA 95008 to Boston, MA 02101

  • San Jose, CA 94089 to Lowell, MA 01850

  • San Jose, CA 94560 to Cambridge, MA 02114

  • San Jose, CA 95141 to Spring filed, MA 01020                      


San Francisco to Massachusetts Car Shipping


  • San Francisco, CA 94014 to Worcester, MA 01601 

  • San Francisco, CA 94154 to Boston, MA 02101

  • San Francisco, CA 94115 to Lowell, MA 01850

  • San Francisco, CA 94103 to Cambridge, MA 02114

  • San Francisco, CA 94140 to Springfield, MA 01020


Other locations to Massachusetts from CA 


  • Fresno

  • Santa Anna

  • Long Beach

  • Bakersfield

  • Oakland

  • Anaheim


For any other city to city location not listed above call us at 561-923-0803 or complete a free quote online.  California or Massachusetts where should I move to, which one is better? 

California to Massachusetts car transport
Also shipping to and from
San Francisco, San Jose to Cambridge MA
San Francisco To Massachusetts
Carrier Type
Open or Enclosed Carrier


Deciding to ship your car open or enclosed is simply a personal choice, though the open trucks/ carriers are widely used for shipping cars, clients that has a greater attachment to their car or more expensive vehicles are more likely to ship using the enclosed carriers. Though it is relatively safe on the open carrier, the enclosed carrier will protect the paint from road hazards such as lose objects on the road; rain, sun, oil leaks from other cars and wind damages. It is also fair to say most if not all the top athletes and super stars when moving uses the enclosed carriers to ship their vehicle (Yes red carpet service). Shipping a car to California takes an average 7 to 8 days.


Vehicle Condition


The condition of your car during shipping may increase the final cost to transport your car from California to Massachusetts. If your car is inoperable (does not run or drive) you may be charged $100 to $250 extra for the carrier to use a winch for loading your vehicle to the truck. This can be a very tedious process for the carriers and also may cause carriers to refuse your job offer. If your car is inoperable it is best to ensure that the car is able to steer and brakes. This will allow the driver to be able to load the car with less challenges. There are countless of instances where clients do not have a key for the car, the steering is locked, the vehicle is not in neutral or the tires are not inflated. In cases like these transportation service carriers may chose to use a fork lift if available, to load the vehicle onto the truck.  

California to Massachusetts Car Transport

Car transport made easy as 1.2.3 with A-z Auto Transport LLC, call us today or complete the QUOTE form for a free instant quote and one of our professional car transporter will assist you. A-z Auto Transport was designed for clients like you that simply just want to ship your car with no hassels, safe, secure and confident that your car will be delivered on time. 

This question will always be relevant as long as people continues to move to and from California to Massachusetts, and I think that will always be the case. It can be a very difficult process or as easy as 1.2.3 depending on how prepared the customer is. Being prepared simply means knowing what you will be doing and being financially ready to do it. Here is what Reddit has to say about moving to Massachusetts from California. 


Know the cost

The number one factor is cost, finding out the cost of transporting your car from California to Massachusetts is the very first thing to do. This will allow you to set your budget and also decide if you will ship your car, sell your car or just drive it your self. What ever works best for you. 


Transporting your car from California to other state will always have a different quote/price, even if the route is more or less miles. As of today August 29, 2015 the Car shipping rate from California to New York is an average $1150 and will also differ from companies to companies and also from open to enclosed carrier (the quoted price is for open carriers). 


As the driver would say "Money moves metals", it does not matter where you would like to ship your car or when you would like to do it, it can be done. However, it is best to make your car shipping reservations at least two weeks or one month before the pickup date.


Cost Factors   

There are a number of factors that contributes to the final/ out the door cost and also varies from company to company.

Here are some of the factors;

1. The pickup and delivery location

2. The type of vehicle being ship (size and weight)

3. The type of carrier being used (Open or enclosed)

4. When are you shipping the vehicle (Slow and peak season)

5. Additional fees (processing/broker/storage) 


Vehicle type 


Knowing that the size and weight of the vehicle will influence the car shipping rate either positively or negatively, it is not a rocket science to tell that a sedan car will cost less than an SUV. So do not be alarmed when a carrier asked you, "what type of vehicle are you shipping"? Does it has any modifications to it"? "Is it lifted"? "Does the vehicle has large tires or stocked tires"? A Sedan car weight is an average 3500 pounds, so anything over that may include an extra 100 or more.


Shipping Location

The location is also another crucial factor in coming up with the final cost. There are locations that are slightly away from the more metropolitan areas and are more likely to cause the customers to pay more. Due to the population size the regular car carrier may not go into those areas but rely on smaller individually owned car carriers to transport the vehicles closer to larger city areas. Residents of deserted areas and mountainous landscapes are highly  affected by a increase rate. A good advised is to drive your car to a city area to meet the carrier if that will save you $100 or more, this will also reduce the time taken in transit. A good example of this is Redding California when compare to Sacramento. It is easier and quicker to get your car picked up in Sacramento than Redding. These locations are also not competitive and give the carriers more bargaining power to charge the customers more.   

Storage Fees


When shipping your vehicles be sure to properly coordinate your time to prevent your car from being stored if this is not your desire. Storing your car may cost an additional $35 per day significantly increasing your overall cost. Not being at the location when the transporter vehicle is being delivered may forced the driver to pound your car. Also if upon delivering the vehicle to the location and you are disputing the amount to be paid, the driver may chose to pound/store your car until you pay the auto shipping charges. This will also include the storage fees for the length of time the vehicle was stored for. Being prepared is the best policy at all times. When in doubt be sure to ask. For help with shipping your car from California to Massachusetts call us at 561-923-0803 and one of our professional car transporters will assist you in an hassle free process.

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